David: Researcher, teacher, mentor, and student of sociology

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 Welcome! Bienvenue! Hoş geldin! I'm a PhD candidate in UC Berkeley's sociology department,  and currently on the job market (2024-2025). My dissertation is titled "Time and Money Well Spent? Meanings of Platform Work." It focuses on the experiences and motivations of American "data workers," who get paid to generate the data that fuels academic research and the development of artificial intelligence. 

Publications (or CV)

Institutional Logics: Motivating Action and Overcoming Resistance to Change” (with Heather Haveman and Danyang Li). In Management and Organization Review, 2023.


The Globalization of an Interaction Ritual Chain: ‘Clapping for Carers’ During the Conflict Against COVID-19” (with Alexandre Rigal). In Sociology of Religion, Winter 2021. 


 “Social Structure and Organizations” (with Neil Fligstein). In the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, Second Edition, 2020.


Recent / Upcoming Talks

Dimensions of Dependence: Platform Work as a Financial Mechanism

SASE (Limerick)
June 30, 2024

'Fair'' Pay as Control: The Case of Academic Data

Labor Tech Research Group (online)

June 6, 2024

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