"Worker Satisfaction on Digital Platforms"

The gig and platform styles of work tend to be characterized as negative developments in journalistic accounts and scholarly work, notably the low pay and poor working conditions for workers. Yet in all surveys of platform workers, the majority report being satisfied. This dissonance creates a puzzle that is extremely relevant for structuring plans to regulate the gig economy, which some are heralding will be part of the future of work.

My guiding research question is: how do workers experience satisfaction – and adapt to dissatisfaction – on digital labor platforms? I use qualitative methods including interviews, archives, and ethnographic observation to provide a grounded empirical account.

My research is evolving. Below are several the papers that I am currently working on.

Working Papers

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Earmarked as Extra: When Platform Money Becomes "Beer Money" 

Platform Money in Between Paychecks:  A Problematic Solution to Income Volatility

Time On and Off Platforms: Breaking-from-Home