I'm David, and I find meaning in community. 

This is a good part of why I chose sociology, and why I've gravitated towards studying communities at different levels: the neighborly relations in one condominium, a national chain of local organizations, and acts of international solidarity. I like connecting the micro, meso, and macro details of a story. 

More recently, my research has turned to how individuals relate to digital work, and how institutions and organizations constraint action or create new affordances.

I try to practice sociology by reading and writing and sharing my ideas with those inside and outside of the university, at UC Berkeley and beyond. My work is very much in progress, and I welcome feedback as I hone my craft.

Work, while meaningful, isn't everything. In my spare time, I like running and biking, cooking and spending time with loved ones. I painted a lot in years past, with many examples on this site and here